Custom Homes for Client Satisfaction

Bay Homes Construction and Remodeling is proud to be of service to those in our community. We provide certified industry professionals on every job and we expect the utmost care for your home. Whether you need simple installations like carpet or tile to full kitchen, bathroom, or whole home renovation projects, we’re your contractor for the job.

We have 25 years of experience in the business and continuously stay up-to-date on the latest building codes. This allows us to know all of the in’s and out’s of our business as well as keep all licenses for each trade we specialize in.

Our project managers will work directly with you communicating every step of the way to ensure your remodeling project is built to the highest standards, and exactly your preferences. We provide full scope of work documents prior to construction to ensure we’ve laid out everything and all costs are accounted for and there are no surprises. And if there are surprises, we make sure we include contingency funds in YOUR estimate to account for these potential risks. The last thing we want to do is come back to you saying we need more money because of something at fault on our end. You are relying on our expertise and we fully take responsibility for not acknowledging potential risks upfront. Of course there are situations where it’s impossible to predict and we will work with you as best as possible.

Materials and labor are estimated separately so you can see how each of these costs are associated with the build. We do not upcharge for materials as we find that unethical and create “hidden” costs to you. That is unnecessary. Our hourly build costs are shown in our bid documents and we understand if you think the costs associated are too high. This is to account for many simple tasks like various pickups or deliveries, and overhead costs associated with our business.

No surprises, no hidden fees, no non-sense. Get your home remodeled or build new with Bay Homes Construction and Remodeling.

We work for YOU!


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